At Custom Body Wellness, located in Clawson, Michigan, you will be able to restore your muscles, relax your mind, and rejuvenate your body and spirit. We aim to provide a relaxing, warm and safe environment where you will receive the treatment that best fits your specific needs. 

Are you aware that 75% of doctor visits are due to stress?  Custom Body Wellness is dedicated to you to help in the reduction of your stress levels.  If you are ready to start decreasing your stress level you are in the right place.  

Have you been looking for a massage therapist that will do more than just rub lotion on you?  That is one of the biggest complaints we hear.  If you are struggling with pain of any kind, lost range of motion and you are ready to get back to your favorite activities. Our Massage is where you would start.

Have you heard?  All stress is brain stress.  If you are looking to help get your brain back in balance and want to understand what brain entrainment is and how it may be helpful to you.  Click on BrainTap!

Have we not covered what you are needing?  You were thinking of something else?  Maybe what you need is in Services.  Check it out.

We also have gift certificates available in any denomination you choose. 

Start on the path to feel your best by booking an appointment in Clawson today.