Custom Body Wellness has taken the time to research and find companies that we feel have your health and wellness as a top priority. We work with companies that only sell to Practitioners and that make quality products that you will not find in stores. We understand how difficult it can be to find products that actually help. After a brief consultation and we get you with the products that will be the most beneficial to your body, goals and needs. You have the option to order from the following companies and have it shipped directly to you. Great for the person on the go.


Solutions4 is a supplement company that is passionate about the quality of their ingredients. In all of their herbal formulations, they use plants that are organically and responsibly grown. It is sent to a quality control lab straight from the field. In the lab, it is tested to determine if the herb has retained all of its medicinally active components throughout the harvesting and drying process. Before ingredients are released to be used in products, it is triple checked to help guarantee the active ingredients will retain their potency throughout their shelf life and potency will not vary from batch to batch. They use capsules to maximize digestibility of the product. They have created incredible kits that have been tried and tested by many people around the country.

  • Pain Relief Kit
  • Neuropathy Kit
  • 7 Day Cleanse Kit
  • Wellness Kit
  • Hormone Balance for Women/Men Kit
  • Weight Loss Starter Kit
  • Stress Relief Kit
  • Brain Support Kit
  • Thyroid Kit
  • Smoking Cessation Kit
  • Insomnia Kit
  • Memory and Mood Kit
  • Immune Boost Kit
  • Cellulite Kit
  • Fitness Kit
  • Skincare Kit

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US Enzymes – Call us at 248-434-3374 to get a code to order and have it shipped directly to your home.

Homeopathic Remedies

Energique – Call 248-434-3374 to get a code to order and have it shipped directly to your home.