Gift Certificates – We now have gift certificates available! Treat that special someone in your life with a gift certificate to Custom Body Wellness. They are available in any amount you choose, pick one up at your next appointment!

Energy Tapping –  This is as alternative treatment for both physical and emotional pain. Using finger tapping on the meridian points to help balance and restore your body’s energy.  Energy Tapping has been known to relieve symptoms a negative experience or emotion may have caused.  Learn how to help rebalance these pathways to maintain your health.  Energy tapping is something you can learn how to use to help yourself at home to continue the benefits past your session.  $95

Shamanic Healing –   Shamanism is an ancient form of healing that dates back over 100,000 years.  It is a form of energy work. Everything is energy, neither good or bad. An energy session can be for a person or a place.  You may have lost energy or picked up some that does not agree with you and who you are.  A shamanic session may help put things back in balance for you.  We work with Past-Life Healing, Soul Retrieval (lost energy), Extraction (energy picked up), Psychopomp (helping others cross into the light), Curse Unraveling and more.
Shamanic Healing: $125
60 minute massage with Shamanic healing: $180
90 minute massage with Shamanic healing: $210

NEW! Shamanic Rain – This is a new customized session. If you thought that a Shamanic Massage was a wonderful thing, adding essential oils takes this type of massage with energy work to a whole new level.   The essential oils best for your situation will be dropped along your spine and on your feet to work the points best to help you.
Shamanic Rain: $210
90 minute massage with Shamanic Rain: $240

Detoxing /Parasite Cleanse – If you have ever wanted to try to detox or cleanse, having practitioner guidance is the way to go.   Do you have unexplained issues that no one can find answers to? You know that something is wrong and the doctors keep saying that your tests are normal, there is nothing wrong.  What if it is something deeper that is not showing on tests?  Detoxing and cleansing can be a struggle and miserable if you do not have the right tools.  Working  with a practitioner that knows what to do when things the cleansing symptoms get overwhelming.  Someone who is using products and knows what happens in the body what tools to use to decrease the negative detox symptoms.  Your detox/cleanse will be customized to what is going on inside your body.

Want to know more about what you need to detox/cleanse from your body without running all the expensive tests? Send me a text at 248-434-3374 and I can answer all your questions.

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