Biofeedback – more information coming soon

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) –  EFT is a alternative treatment for both physical and emotional pain. Using finger tapping on the meridian points to help balance and restore your body’s energy.  EFT has been known to relieve symptoms a negative experience or emotion may have caused.  Learn how to help rebalance these pathways to maintain your health.  You can also learn how to use EFT yourself at home.  $75

Nutrition Classes – Do you eat right and you are not loosing what you want to?   Do you exercise daily and you are just not seeing the final 5 to 10 pounds go away?  Want a better understanding of the science?  These classes can be packaged with the weight loss program or be on their own.  Schedule a free consultation to help you decide what is best for you. 

Shamanic Healing –   Shamanism is an ancient form of healing that dates back over 100,000 years.  It is a form of energy work. Everything is energy, neither good or bad. An energy session can be for a person or a place.  You may have lost energy or picked up some that does not agree with you and who you are.  A shamanic session may help put things back in balance for you.  We work with Past-Life Healing, Soul Retrieval (lost energy), Extraction (energy picked up), Psychopomp (helping others cross into the light), Curse Unraveling and more. $75

Weight Loss – Have you tried to loose weight and nothing works?  Have you reached a plateau?  Whether you are trying to loose that last stubborn 5 pounds or maybe you have much more to work on.  We will work with the body and brain and help you find the right combination.  Schedule a 30 minute Free consultation to see if you qualify for our program.

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