Are you tired of trying to figure out how to get your stress under control? Are you tired of wondering what the hell happened to you, your life, and when things went off the track?  You used to be calm, happy, fun.  Are you still looking for the you of the past and trying to figure out how to get you back? Things never used to bother you, until one day they did.

Have you tried weekend classes or workshops? After you get home, you are motivated and think “this is great, I can do this!” A week later you run into an issue and you throw your hands in the air and say “Fuck it, I can’t do this!  “This shit does not work!” Have you said these words?  Maybe we should talk about the books that you have bought and are still sitting there.   How many times you have said, I’ll do it or start it on Monday?

The Day that my Stress was at its worst (probably the big A word), I could not handle the phone ringing.  I thought my insides were going to vibrate out of my body.  The pit in my stomach and throat was making me want to throw up.  Instead my intestinal track was completely thrown off for days.   I decided to try to drown that monkey with alcohol.  I did not quiet the monkey, I provoked it.   All drinking did was drive the stress or possible anxiety (self diagnosis) higher and let’s not forget about how that also shortens the temper. Oh, there is the wonderful memory issues, your brain shuts down and goes into survival mode.   Am I sounding familiar yet?  Have you taken some steps in theses shoes?

Ok maybe it was time to start therapy…I found it annoying and frustrating.  Talking about it over and over and over and over.  How the hell was that going to solve the state my mind was in? It was making things worse!  How long do you think that lasted?  Not long is the correct answer.  The labels I was given for my prior trauma and at that time current trauma and drama.  Simply stated IT IS STRESS!  Would you like to take a pill for that?  UM NO!  I think my actual words were Fuck Off!.  Did she deserve that, probably not, yet making me go over the prior 30 some years of my life and relive a horrible relationship did not seem like the way to solve what was going on. 

Am I anti-therapy? NO both of my kids have been in therapy.  Am I anti-medication? NO because there is a time and place for everything.  This is my story.

Never been one to take anything.  Not my style.  I have been working in the holistic field for almost over 15 years at that time.   There had to be a better way.  That was the start of a journey and it is a journey that I continue to this day.  It was hard, it was a ton of work and I have never been happier or cared less what the world might think of me.  My stress is very little.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I still have the “I just want to pull all of my hair out of my head” moments.  What is the difference? I have the tools to deal with my stress on a day to day.  I use preventative tools to help keep me level and not get to those feeling out of control moments.

This is a program where you have time to practice your new skills over time.  I will help you find the right path when you get stuck.  I will help cheer you on when you get frustrated.  I will help you find the right group to get you moving in the right direction.  If you are not ready for group work we can set you up for one-on-one. 

If you are tired of beating your head against the wall and not getting any results.  If you are tired of searching the internet for answers.  Stop putting everyone else first!  It is time we talk and start taking care of you.  I invite you to schedule A Coffee Meeting.  15 minutes in your comfort zone.  If that is on a video chat or a friendly phone conversation.  Take the time to have the conversation to see if my program is the right fit for you!

Free yourself from your past and move forward into A Calmer You!